Life Sciences Summit: Simplifying R&D collaboration

Simplifying R&D Collaboration

Challenges around the pandemic have put the life sciences industry to the test, driving major shifts in how teams operate — and prompting many to toss out their old playbooks.

When you’re busy bringing innovative molecules and devices to market, you don’t have time to manage hard copies or work through firewalls. You need fast, secure ways to push the cycle of innovation forward, while reducing R&D costs, improving patient outcomes, and managing your hybrid workforce. And you need smarter ways to manage critical content, from product launches to clinical trial records.

For that, there’s the Content Cloud.

Our first-ever Life Sciences Summit

Earlier this month, we held our first-ever Life Sciences Summit, focused on simplifying collaboration across your R&D teams. In addition to exciting product update sessions on how the Content Cloud streamlines GxP compliance and non-regulated workflows, three customers shared how Box powers major processes across their R&D teams. This also included an important demo illustrating how Box simplifies your virtual inspections between sponsors and healthcare authorities by creating and sharing policies, SOPs, and other regulated documents faster from one central place — the Content Cloud.

During the event, we heard from Box product leaders including Chief Product Officer Diego Dugatkin on new innovations coming to the Content Cloud. Soon, you’ll see enhancements across frictionless security and compliance, seamless collaboration and workflow, and integrations with all your cloud applications. Diego also announced exciting new collaboration tools, intelligent threat protection, a new native e-signatures solution, and ways that our latest innovations help you meet the increasing demands of today’s evolving workforce.

Plus, we’ve made massive strides in our Box GxP offering. New feature functionality updates, exclusively for Box GxP customers, will deliver feature updates on a predictable, quarterly cadence (including a 30-day preview period of all changes in a sandbox environment before they’re pushed into production). This gives compliance teams ample time to review GxP release notes and perform any UATs before going live in production.

Auditing from anywhere with virtual inspections

Whether you’re a pharma vendor or a drug sponsor, virtual inspections are the new standard for conducting audits. Skeptical? Take a look at healthcare authorities and biopharmas who manage highly regulated intellectual property with Box, and see why life sciences organizations trust our platform for secure collaboration.

Box helps your organization:

  • Ensure controlled and compliant virtual inspections with healthcare authorities and auditors
  • Leverage APIs and integrations to replicate secure copies of audit materials without a complex build
  • Verify source documents and solicit feedback using annotations and watermarks on read-only documents
  • Automate review processes with internal and external inspectors

What life sciences customers love about Box

As cyberthreats and compliance standards rise, the life sciences ecosystem has struggled to modernize its technology pillars and get life-saving therapies to market, while cutting R&D costs.

Customers like Jay Ferro, EVP, Chief Information & Technology Officer at Clario, shared during our event how they’re standardizing all content on Box to support hybrid teams in challenging environments. In our fireside chat, Ferro discussed how he manages teams and keeps critical content structured, following the company’s merger between ERT and Bioclinica. Common industry challenges like these require the right foundational elements and content strategy — to keep the focus on the therapies and not the infrastructure.

After all, life sciences doesn’t operate in siloes. Most require seamless operations across digital borders with either research partners, manufacturing partners, or healthcare authorities.

“… many of them are already Box customers, so when they hear that we're running deep and continuing to get deeper with Box, I think it shows them we have a commitment to taking care of their data.”
—Jay Ferro, EVP, Chief Information & Technology Officer, Clario

Some of the latest trends in the industry include personalized medicine, decentralized trials, and ongoing direct patient engagement. IQVIA is at the forefront of these trends, especially in the areas of endpoint patient engagement. Elan Josielewski discusses how, in today’s clinical studies, patient involvement includes recording audio and video interviews which are later coded and processed:

“it would be like a cognitive interview… And so those moderated interviews would constitute some level of personal information.”
—Elan Josielewski, Sr. Principal Patient centered endpoint solutions, IQVIA

No other industry has been more under pressure to bring life-saving therapies to market while operating in a remote or hybrid environment. This especially applies to the vaccine manufacturers who streamline data across entire companies without sacrificing end user experiences and data integrity. One of those vaccine makers discusses how they achieved this with Box:

“We have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, which almost transcends compliance in a way. But data integrity for us is key right now. And Box was the key to that puzzle.”
—Nate McBride, VP of IT, Affinivax

Want to learn more about the innovations we’re unveiling in the upcoming months, and see how to cut cost and complexity from your biopharma tech stack? Watch our Life Sciences Summit on demand.